The past several months, I have been to an implant conference in Vienna, Austria; and two additional US meetings covering new procedures, anesthesia, and cybersecurity.

I maintain my board certification.  Being board certified means you have met you specialty standard by a post-residency written and oral examination process.  My specialty follows medical guidelines for this.  Specialties require recertification every 7-10 years with a written test.  I lastly did this in 2015.  This challenges one to be current in technology.

Office anesthesia is also a big consideration today.  My initial training was 5 months of rotation as an anesthesiology resident.  I have kept current with this, by annual continuing education and office anesthesia inspections.  Inspections are mandated every 5 years.  My last was in 2018.

I finished my 4 year oral and maxillofacial surgery residency 26 years ago.  Technology then compared to now was like being in the stone ages.  I have kept up with advances.  My focus now is totally office procedures.  These are primarily dental implants and dentoalveolar surgery-tooth extractions, wisdom teeth, oral pathology.  I have done over 6,000 dental implants, 15,000 intravenous anesthetics, and countless more tooth extractions.  My priority to my patients and self is to pursue excellence in practice and technology.  Experience helps.

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